oneSOURCE Partners With instrutrack to Supply Instrument Database for Kiwi Medical Supplies

Medical instruments management system broadens oneSOURCE’s global reach to UAE


Lindsey Palmer

SALT LAKE CITY (Jan. 7, 2020) – oneSOURCE, a leading healthcare management solution, announced today that the company has joined forces with medical tracking system, instrutrack, owned by Kiwi Medical Supplies in order to provide access to hospitals and the acute care space. This partnership will amplify oneSOURCE’s mission of changing the face of patient safety by furnishing healthcare facilities throughout the UAE with resources to properly sterilize medical equipment and adhere to regulatory bodies. 

“Our relationship with instrutrack and its partners in the UAE increases oneSOURCE’s ability to improve infection control and instrument sterilization in a multitude of medical sectors,” said Jack Speer, CEO of oneSOURCE. “With an 80 percent market share among U.S. healthcare facilities, advancing our product to a larger international audience is incredibly exciting. This new venture now enables healthcare professionals across the world to better understand and easily access comprehensive manufacturers’ manuals and comply accordingly to compliance standards. Through strategic engagements like instrutrack and Kiwi, our databases will continue to flourish and ensure patient safety within medical categories ranging from dental to biomedical.” 

Through instrutrack, Kiwi Medical Supplies, one of the top leading medical supply distributors in the UAE, will now use oneSOURCE to allow instrutrack customers to connect directly to IFUs through the oneSOURCE platform interface.  The seamless integration eliminates multiple database logins and streamlines compliance processes for medical professionals. oneSOURCE’s ability to provide automatic updates to IFUs eliminates the need for manually uploading or contacting the manufacturer for upgrades. Partnering with instrutrack allows facilities to implement a more efficient process to manage and load documents without corresponding with manufacturers. 

“oneSOURCE’s track record with helping facilities meet standards and minimize infection control is unmatched and well recognized throughout the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Rohit Jaisinghani, Business Development Manager, Kiwi Medical Supplies. “instrutrack’s comprehensive tracking system software with systemic integration of data, design and technology coupled with oneSOURCE’s commitment to organizing IFUs and manufacturers’ manuals to improve patient safety and sterilization efforts is such an important step in continuing to offer a seamless experience to our customers. By utilizing resources that play an integral role in patient safety our partners can offer a higher quality caregiving experience.” 

In the new year, oneSOURCE is focused on expanding their global impact, partnering with additional computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), and establishing a greater saturation among the surgical instrument, biomed and dental fields. For more information on oneSOURCE, visit


About oneSOURCE

oneSOURCE is a leading healthcare management solution that enables facilities to stay in compliance 24/7 through its robust online platform equipped with the world’s most updated IFUs (instructions for use) and PM (preventative maintenance) Service Manuals. Since 2009 oneSOURCE has become a reliable resource for top healthcare organizations such as Mayo Clinic, Sutter Health and HCA and currently dominates the sterile processing market with more than 80 percent saturation. Approved and trusted by the Joint Commission, AAMI, CMS and AAAHC, oneSOURCE’s accurate and up-to-date databases for the surgical and equipment, biomed and dental verticals, improves patient safety and reduces healthcare-acquired infections. For additional information on oneSOURCE, visit

About instrutrack: instrutrack™ is a complete surgical instrument management system that governs the entire orchestration of each set and each instrument in hospital, from being used on the patient back to being sterilized for its use again on the patient. It optimizes and provides a full traceability of your entire sterile supply workflow for surgical trays, supplementary instruments, and endoscopes used in the operating room while documenting all steps to ensure regulatory compliance as well as the highest level of quality assurance and patient safety with the help of 11 modules which can be integrated according to customer needs. For more information on these modules, you can email us: or visit our website at


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